SKEN Row Crop Cultivator with rigid, manually or hydraulically foldable frame
SKEN models make up our proposition for economical mechanical weed control, not only by cutting them but are also vibrating them. They are also aerating the soil and improving the drainage without disturbing the soil structure. The frame allows vertical flex and allows gangs to follow soil contours while they stay rigid side-to side even when working on curved plant lines or developed crops. Depending on the type of soil and the developing stage of the crop, a broad choice of accessories are available.
  • 3-point hitch cat. 2 – Independent swinging tool gangs
  • Robust rigid frame 100×100 mm
  • High ground clearance 80cm
  • Adjustable row width
  • Spring tines 32x12mm
  • Adjustable loading spring
  • Bearing mounted steel depth wheels
  • Supporting frame wheels
  • Oprional fertilizer distributor

The tool gangs are attached to the main frame by parallel linkage assemblies that consistently keep each sweep moving independently at its desired depth in uneven terrain and independently of any fluctuations of the tractor. A gauge jockey wheel on each tool gang is responsible for accurate depth control.

Types of plant protection

  • Plant Protection Sheets are suspended independently and prevent the damaging of the plant leafs. Bigger leafs are protected against being cut. Plant Protection Sheets are recommended, especially at high speeds, because they allow fast and injury-free processing of the crop.
  • Plant Protection Discs are suspended independently, break the soil crust and so plants are protected since the crust that is being processed by the S-tines cannot move or damage them any more.

5 springs per tool gang – 70/75cm row distance

without plant protection

 with plant protection sheets

with plant protection discs 

with angular points 

3 springs per tool gang – 45cm row distance

without plant protection

with plant protection sheets

with plant protection discs 

with angular points 

Fertilizer distributor – Steel tank hopper powered by ground driven wheel

The painted steel fertilizer distributor is an optional feature while the hopper (stainless steel on demand) capacity rages from 325 to 750 liters. The volumetric distribution is very accurate in both sides thanks to volumetric elements which are controlled by a sliding gear powered by a ground driven wheel.

Stainless steel (INOX) fertilizer distibutor

Fertilizer distributor options

Fertiliser keel with plant protection discs

Fertiliser keel without plant protection

Pro frame edition- tool gangs 45cm and 70cm row distance

Rotary finger weeder

Guiding disc-coulters

Manually folding frame

Hydraulically foldable frame

Sweep furrow is suitable for ridging and creating furrows in previously cultivated corn etc. and for drawing irrigation channels. High strength steel and are wear resistant in stony soils. The ridger is easily adjustable for depth.

Rubber depth control wheels

Model SKEN 5 SKEN 7 SKEN 9 SKEN 13
Number of tool gangs
Cultivated rows
Weight (kg)
Tractor power (HP)
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