RB Hydro

RΒ Hydro subsoiler series enable fast and quality work up to a depth of 55cm and a width from 2.5m to 4m. Suitable for tractors from 140 to 250 PS. The soil is being raised and when it drops back it cracks. Through that procedure the soil loosens up and this process takes part in all soil layers. At the same time, clods are crushed ultimately, while the surface is being recompacted. The aggressive positioning and the shape of the shanks is resulting in very effortless penetration. Shanks are distributed over two rows, while the overload protection occurs by with a hydropneumatic system.

The life expectancy of each shank is very high, because they are made of special wear resistant steel. 

​2 prop stands are responsible for easy and user-friendly storage.

  • 3 point hitch
  • Rigid Frame 100x100x10 mm
  • Up to 55 cm working depth
  • Hydropneumatic system against overload
  • Shanks made off wear resistant steel
  • Parking prop stands for safe storage
  • Rotovator blades, on both sides of each shank

Cultivator blades tungsten coated

Cultivator wings instead of rotavator blades

Adjustable soil deflector

Reflective warning boards kit with or without lights

Double rear spike roller Ø220 mm

Double wave clump discs Ø560 mm

Rear disc harrow Ø660 mm

Spike / wave combination Ø220/Ø560mm

Model RB 5 Hydro RB 7 Hydro
Working width (m)
Transport width (m)
Number of Shanks
Weight excluded roller (kg)
Tractor power (HP)
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