The “V” arrangement of the disc gangs in both DVYS model ensures uniform performance across the full working width due to the crossing of the front and rear discs.

High Strength Steel beam comprises the main chassis of DVYS (250x250mm) models and is designed to bear heavy working stresses and road transport stresses. That robust chassis offers good visibility, optimum stability, while it ensures easy access to all parts of the machine. Setting up operations or maintenance operations such as periodical lubrication is very easy to be done. The machine can work on very uneven or undulating ground under very powerful tractions.

  • Trailed construction, disc gangs work in V form
  • 28, 32 or 36 heavy duty discs, Ø610×6 mm
  • High tensile strength central chassis beam 250×250 mm
  • Inter disc spacing of 250 mm
  • Hydraulic folding and working depth adjusting system for safe transport
  • High load capacity bearing
  • 40×40 disc shaft
  • Individually adjustable disc scrapers

Special treated discs for premium wear resistance and hardness. The arrangement of the discs (notched-plain-notched etc) is resulting in an outstanding mixing effect and good penetration of the soil, even with difficult soil conditions. The front disc section is intended for cutting the crop residue. These machines are able to prepare a seedbed by a single goover achieving the perfect undercut, mixing, smoothing and crumbling.

Durable, high load capacity baearings, which enclose 2 ball bearings in a cold formed steel hub.

Individually adjustable scrappers offer optimal cleaning result for each of thediscs.

Rack cleaner. Limits earth thrown from the front disc gangs and vanishes the furrow caused by the last disc end resulting in a leveled soil surface.

Electrovalve Control Unit, 4 or 6 functions

Heavy duty discs Ø710 mm

Reflective warning boards kit with or without lights

Cage roller Ø500mm

Compacts soil in a well structured surface. It provides a loose, open seed bed for the following sowing or planting operation.

U-roller Ø540mm

Presses the soil, provides excellent reconsolidation while it turns with minimum slip.

Model DVYS 28 DVYS 32 DVYS 36
Working width (m)
Number of discs
Weight excluded roller [kg]
Tractor power (HP)
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