DiscoPlus XL

DiscoPlus XL series guarantees the excellent result of stubble cultivation, while those machines are also very suitable for seedbed preparation or for leveling the soil after ploughing. The large diameter of discs obtains deep working cultivation in high speed even under high amounts of organic mass. The robust frame, the very limited wear and only a few parts that require maintenance are only some of the main characteristics that contributing to uniform and intensive mixing of organic matter. The large diameter of discs Ø520mm / Ø570mm obtains working cultivation up to 12cm in high speed even under very severe conditions. One of the main characteristics is the uniform and intensive mixing of organic matter.

DiscoPlus XL, trailed version disc harrows with double hydraulically folding frame, working width 8m, 10m, 12m.
Very robust hydraylically foldable frame, very limited wear and only a few parts that require maintenance. That frame allows a transport width of 3m, which is independent of the working width of each model.

  • Trailed construction – Towing eye cat. 4 Ø51mm
  • Robust, hydraulic folding V-shaped main frame
  • Heavy duty notched discs Ø570 mm
  • Security system with rubber blocks Ø40mm
  • High load capacity bearings – maintenance free
  • Manual adjustable rear roller
  • 4 wheels 500/50-17

Notched Discs

The grooved form of the notched discs (Ø570mm in diameter), combined with their aggressive positioning of the working angle and the larger teeth, allow the working in very hard soils with easy ground penetration, which makes working at high speeds possible. When exceeding the working depth, the soil is being tilled fully flat.

Rubber Sunspension of the disc shanks

Pre-tensioned rubber blocks are protecting the shanks from overloads, while a perfect and smooth contact to the ground is assured. Each shank that holds a pair of discs is suspended on four such rubber blocks. That type of suspension is very flexible and durable, while it protects against stone collisions.


The bearing housing is made of seamless steel pipe, it encloses 2 heavy duty ball bearings, while it is double sealed and independently greasable, for prolonged maintenance intervals.

Hydraulically controlled working depth setting

Rake tine harrow

Placed just before the rear cylinder is available as an optional extra. Those harrow tines are very strong, they further break down earth clods, while they expose weed roots and create a flatter and more loose soil surface

Adjustable lateral side deflector

Limits earth thrown from the front disc gangs and vanishes so the furrow caused by them, resulting in a leveled soil surface.

Star disc Ø520 mm

With ball joint towing eye Cat. 4 Ø51 mm
Reflective warning boards kit with or without lights

Cage roller Ø580mm

Compacts soil in a well structured surface. It provides a loose, open seed bed for the following sowing or planting operation.

Knife roller Ø540mm

Provides effective consolidation and cutting effect on clayey or heavy loamy soils.

U-roller Ø540mm

Presses the soil, provides excellent reconsolidation while it turns with minimum slip.

Model DiscoPlus XL 800 DiscoPlus XL 1000 DiscoPlus XL 12000
Working width (m)
Transport width (m)
Number of discs
Weight without roller (kg)
Tractor power (HP)
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