RB Hydro

RΒ Hydro subsoiler series enable fast and quality work up to a depth of 55cm and a width from 2.5m to 4m. Suitable for tractors from 140 to 250 PS. The soil is being raised and when it drops back it cracks. Through that procedure the soil loosens up and this process takes part in all soil layers. At the same time, clods are crushed ultimately, while the surface is being recompacted. The aggressive positioning and the shape of the shanks is resulting in very effortless penetration. Shanks are distributed over two rows, while the overload protection occurs by with a hydropneumatic system.

The life expectancy of each shank is very high, because they are made of special wear resistant steel. Shanks are equipped with long-lasting reversible cultivator blades and quick hitch rotavator Blades.

​2 prop stands are responsible for easy and user-friendly storage.


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