DiscoMax x4

DiscoMax x4, mounted rigid frame, working width 3.5m & 4m
DiscoMax x4 R, hydraulically foldable frame, mounted, working width from
4m to 7m
DiscoMax x4 RT, hydraulically foldable frame, semi-mounted, working width from 4m to 7m
DiscoMax series guarantees the excellent result of stubble cultivation, while are suitable for seedbed preparation or for leveling the soil after ploughing. The large diameter of discs obtains working cultivation in high speed even under high amounts of organic mass. The robust frame, the very limited wear and the maintenance free bearings are only some of the main characteristics. High working speeds due to the excellent soil penetration ability of DiscoMax x4 model series, allow very economical work. The end result of the work is excellent in stubble cultivation and contributes to uniform and intensive mixing of organic matter, since trouble free working is certain, even when large amounts of crop residues are present. DiscoMax x4 are also very appropriate for leveling furrows on plowed land, or for seedbed preparation.


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